With the recent Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to present simple, preventative measures you can take to protect yourself, employees, and patrons of your establishment.

This is a new variant of Coronavirus, which means that there are no disinfectants on the market which have a specific claim for this emerging variant. However, one of the best practices would be to use a disinfectant for other known strains of Coronavirus. In addition, it is flu season and everyone should already be practicing good hand washing and have frequent cleaning programs in place for your facilities. Spartan Chemical Company manufactures the following chemicals with virucidal activity against known Coronavirus strains: HDQ Neutral, Super HDQ Neutral, hdqC2, HDQ L10, GS Neutral Disinfectant, GS High Dilution Disinfectant 256, BNC-15, Profect Disinfecting Wipes, Spartan Disinfectant Wipes, TB-Cide Quat, Halt, and PSQII.

For more information on Coronavirus infection control, you will find the latest statement from the CDC here: Coronavirus 2020

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