SSS® Enviroseal J-Trap Replacement System

SSS® Enviroseal J-Trap Replacement System

Item # SSS87033

  • This new "Dry Cartridge" system eliminates the need for oil or chemicals to block the odors from uric salts, calcium and sewer gas build-up.
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It is a totally green system that is enhanced by the use of the BioPur Enzyme and Deodorant Block Kit. The BioPur Block is designed to break down uric salts and calcium build-up and keep the drains clean and odor free.

There are two different Enviroseal Systems, the Elastomer Memory Rubber Seal and the Rubber J-Trap Seal. Both systems offer significant performance over the oil system. The Elastomer Memory Rubber Seal opens and closes to effectively block out odors; ho

The Rubber J-Trap Seal model uses a j-shaped tube insert to block out odors, and is universally accepted by all plumbing codes.

When purchased as replacement cartridges, both come with a BioPur Enzyme Kit which includes a cage, a BioPur Enzyme and Deodorant Block, and 5 additional blocks. The BioPur blocks effectively combat restroom odors, and provide a pleasant, clean fragrance

The blocks require replacement every 30 days. Both replacement cartridge systems are designed to last for up to 6 months before replacing with a new cartridge.