Viper ROS1300 Ride-On Sweeper - 53.1"

Viper ROS1300 Ride-On Sweeper - 53.1"

Item # ROS1300

  • Sweeping large areas is tough but, the Viper ROS1300 is a ride-on sweeper designed to keep you productive from start to finish.
  • Voltage: 24V; Rated Power: 3.6 HP/2,640 W
  • Maximum forward speed: 5 MPH; Hopper capacity: 34.4 Gal.
  • Gradeability (working mode) Max: 16%; Min. turn-around aisle width: 100.4"
  • Cleaning width (with 2 side brooms): 53.1" Brooms Included
  • 96.1" L 41.5" W x 51.2" H; Gross vehicle weight: 1,516.78 lbs.
53.1", ea
Alternate #50000606
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Cover the area you need swept with long battery runtime, and see great results from optimal dust and debris collection. Take a seat, adjust it to your personal preference, and press the One-Touch button to get straight to work. This conveniently starts all the main functions, main broom, side brooms, and vacuum fan all at once.


  • Dust is not a problem with the dust control misting system spraying over the side brooms.
  • A convenient foot pedal lifts the front flap to allow the sweeping of larger debris, and powerful rear-wheel drive keeps you sweeping up slopes, great for sweeping on ramps and inclines withing your facility.
  • Tool free maintenance means your operator won't be burdened by the routine maintenance of the ROS1300, and can stay sweeping longer.
  • Included: One-Touch[TM] button, adjustable side broom speed, LCD display, DustGuard[TM] dust-control system, hopper for collecting debris, electrical filter, right and left side brooms, rear wheel traction.