Viper AS850R™ Rider Scrubber - 31.8", 242 AH Wet

Viper AS850R™ Rider Scrubber - 31.8", 242 AH Wet

Item # AS850R-242

  • Simple and easy to operate with intuitive dashboard, one touch button and user friendly menu for operation settings.
  • Brush motor: 2 x 0.4 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.67 hp
  • Brush/Pad pressure: 88 lb.; Brush speed: 204 rpm
  • Onboard charger
31.8", 242 AH Wet, ea
Alternate #AS850R-242
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Large recovery tank opening for easy clean out. Squeegee and scrub deck lower mechanically. Integrated squeegee hanging system for easy transport in tight areas. Automatic reduce speed control and ergonomic seat with safety switch. Built-in squeegee hanging system on recovery tank for easy machine transfer in narrow areas. Storage for cell-phone or other gadgets, USB port provides a fast solution for charging your cell-phone. An integrated on-board charger enables easy plug-in and battery charge at any outlet. Ideal for cleaning all kind off floors such as tiled, vinyl, sealed wood, marble and concrete. Comes with 2 pad holders and 2 poly brushes.


  • Solution Tank: 32 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 32 Gal.
  • Brush/Pad Diameter: 16" x 2
  • Squeegee Width: 41.7"
  • Sound Pressure Level: 69 dB A
  • Max Speed: 3.7 mph
  • Cleaning Width: 31.8"