Advance Advolution™ 2710 Rider Burnisher - 420AH

Advance Advolution™ 2710 Rider Burnisher - 420AH

Item # 56422004

  • Provides maximum productivity with its extended battery run-time. Passive dust control is standard on this machine, which reduces the need for dust mopping.
  • Pad motor: 3.25 hp; Drive motor: 1 hp, 700 W
  • Pad driver: 27" flexible w/3.5" centering device
  • (6) 420 AH maint-free (AGM) batteries
27", 420AH, Onboard Charger, ea
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This rider burnisher makes the tedious task of burnishing clean, quick, and comfortable with superior results. Battery-operated, with a maneuverable front steering system. This machine eliminates the emissions and noise associated with propane brushers. Open sight lines in front of the machine create a safe and comfortable ride for the operator. Automatic safeguards eliminate unmanned start-ups, which can lead to damaged floor finish.

(6) 420 AH maint-free (AGM) batteries.


  • The machine will automatically monitor and control the amount of pad pressure on the floor to ensure the most superior gloss level possible.
  • The floating burnishing head coupled with a flexible pad driver follows uneven floor contours to provide a consistent shine.
  • A safety switch prevents accidental pad start-up in the tilt-up position.
  • Batteries are accessible under the operator seat.
  • Front steering system is ideal for maneuvering through congested areas.
  • Full tilt steering for operator comfort.
  • Tilt-up burnishing head makes changing the pad quick and easy.


  • Pad Motor Speed: No load 1,760 RPM/Under load 1,500 RPM
  • Max Productivity At 3.5 mph: Per hour: 41,580 ft2; Per battery charge: 137,214 ft2
  • Pad Access: Pivoting burnishing head for easy pad access; safety switch prevents accidental startup when burnishing head is tilted up.
  • Pad Pressure Adjustment: Variable between 3 settings; 50-75 lb. Electronic pad pressure system automatically controls consistency of pad pressure to maximize performance based on the setting selected.
  • Body Construction: All steel chassis and rotational molded body. Steel burnishing head linkage and steering column.
  • Dust Control: Passive dust control standard; active dust control kit (3 levels of filtration) optional.
  • Drive System: 1 hp, 700 w permanent magnet motor with gear transmission and non-marking wheel. 0-4.5 mph transport; 0-3.5 mph burnishing. Dynamic speed control plugging service brake. Automatic electromechanical parking brake.
  • Wheels: Two 12" diameter non-marking rear wheels.
  • Operator Interface: Tilt steering and adjustable seat with deadman safety switch.
  • Sound Level: 69 dB A @ operator position
  • Minimum Aisle Turn Width: 72"
  • Dimensions: 65.5" L x 54" H x 32" W
  • Weight: Without batteries 484 lb/With batteries 1,204 lb.