Advance Liberty SC50 X20D Autonomous Scrubber - 20" Disk, 255AH

Advance Liberty SC50 X20D Autonomous Scrubber - 20" Disk, 255AH

Item # 56104506

  • For medium to large sized environments. Allows staff to focus on other tasks while the SC50 scrubs for 6 hours on a single charge.
  • Scrub head: Disk; Solution/Recovery tanks: 15 Gal./14 Gal.
  • Machine voltage: 24V; Battery: 255 AH; Scrub brush speed: 157 RPM
  • Squeegee width: 30.2"; Minimum aisle turn width: Manual 62.7"
20" Disk, 255AH, ea
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Three distinct cleaning modes give you the power to optimize productivity. CopyCat™ mode replicates a designated cleaning path with exact precision, allowing you to dictate where and how you want the Nilfisk Liberty SC50 to clean. Fill-in mode lets you implement autonomous cleaning the fastest way possible, no pre-mapping or programming required. Just trace a room's perimeter, and interior space will be cleaned without any further assistance. Manual mode gives you complete control over movement and cleaning, allowing use as a normal scrubber dryer for ad hoc tasks.


  • Smart obstacle detection and Go-Around tracks obstacles around the machine.
  • Independent Safety System creates a safety zone around the machine and detects any danger in the surroundings.
  • Robotic Safety Certification, world's only 3rd party certified autonomous machine. ( CSA/ANSI C22.2 No. 336-17)
  • SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) eliminates expensive and long pre-mapping.
  • Large recovery tank opening, complete draining and smooth interior for easy cleaning.
  • Front light turns various colors to signal various functions and/or states.
  • Independent safety system machine sensors.
  • Wrap around squeegee ensures 100% water pick-up and dry floors.
  • Safety dead-man switch and GO pedal provides easy-to-control operations.
  • Quiet mode for daytime cleaning and cleaning of noise sensitive areas.
  • EcoFlex[TM] onboard detergent system provides flexible cleaning performance.
  • SmartKey[TM] two key system features yellow supervisor and blue operator keys.
  • Operates in tandem with the included TrackClean[TM] fleet-management system, which give you 24/7 access to operational data and provides oversight of cleaning activity at a given location. This allows you to monitor, verify, and improve the operational e
  • Low foot platform height for easy on/off.
  • Rear polyurethane tires for outstanding traction and high durability.
  • Included features: Battery level indicator, Solution level indicator, Front and rear bumpers, squeegee, autonomous operation, manual operation, TextAssist operator alerts, digital reports, Software updates, pause/resume autonomous plan, USB port.


  • Max. Transport Speed: Manual Forward 3.1 mph; Manual Reverse 1.62 mph
  • Max Speed Autonomous: 2.35 mph
  • Max Theoretical Productivity: 11,000 ft2/hr
  • Sound Pressure Level: 63 dB A
  • Gradeability Manual Transport: 15%
  • Gradeability Manual Cleaning: 9%
  • Gradeability Autonomous: 2%