Nilfisk® GD5 Rechargeable Portable Vacuum - 1.32 Gal.

Nilfisk® GD5 Rechargeable Portable Vacuum - 1.32 Gal.

Item # 41600874

  • Designed with comfort in mind. Delivers long runtime, fast battery charge and easy to maneuver, lightweight design. 60 minute runtime.
  • Run time; Power/Economy: 30/60; Capacity: 1.32 Gal.
  • Power @ 60 Hz, max.: .87 HP; Li Battery: 7.8 AH
  • Charge time (up to 90%): Less than 40 minutes
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This battery backpack vacuum offers a complete battery operated solution with best in class upstream HEPA filtration. Ideal for use in light industrial settings, aerospace, general cleaning and transportation industries. Optimal performance with boost function adds suction power for heavy-duty cleaning areas. User-friendly features such as tool storage and easy to access on/off switch. 1,000 full charge cycle battery service life. Note: Not recommended for the collection of combustible dust.


  • Waterlift; Power/Economy: 52" H2O/24" H2O
  • Airflow; Power/Economy: 57 CFM/46 CFM
  • Upstream HEPA Area: 4.20 ft2
  • Inlet Diameter: Lid/Hose: 1.5"/1.3"
  • Weight: Vac only: 11.7 lbs.' With battery: 17.6 lbs.
  • Sound Level; Power/Economy: 65 dB(A)/60 dB(A)