Advance WP630™ Portable Flood Water Extractor - 9 Gal.

Advance WP630™ Portable Flood Water Extractor - 9 Gal.

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  • Deigned to be the most efficient and effective way to extract water from carpet at any water damaged facility. Extractor for restoration.
  • Vacuum intake hose: 2" x 25'; Vacuum motor: Two 3-stage
  • Waterlift/CFM: 100"/170CFM
  • Air watts: 520 (in operational range)
9 Gal., ea
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The innovative design has increased the efficiency of the airflow by top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums, thus eliminating stand-pipes and bends into the tank. This significantly reduces restrictions in airflow and increases efficiency. Powerful yet efficient, the 3-stage vacuums only use 13 amps of power with one cord which is ideal for flooded sites where power may be limited.


  • The ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easy to handle by one person with little or no bending or stooping.
  • Large rear wheels carry the WP630 up and down stairs or nearly anywhere you need it to be, to complete the job with little effort or strain.
  • To increase productivity, two (2) diaphragm bilge pumps automatically and continuously remove the waste water from the 9 gallon recovery tank through a standard 3/4" garden hose at 10.5 gpm, thus eliminating the need to stop and empty the tank.
  • rotationally molded body with a lifetime warranty for maximum durability.
  • Auto-dump, 10.5 gallons per minute with a 9 gallon recovery tank.


  • Overflow Protection: Electronic float/Auto on/off
  • Discharge Pumps: Two diaphragm bilge pumps
  • Discharge Hose: One 3/4" x 50'
  • Discharge Rate: 10.5 gpm
  • Filter System: One 80 micron polyester mesh strainer a the water inlet to the recovery tank. Two 50 mesh S/S filters in recovery tank, Two 50 mesh S/S screens in-line.
  • Weight: 88 lbs.