Karcher® Chariot™ 3 iExtract 26 DUO Stand-On Carpet Extractor - 26", Lithium

Karcher® Chariot™ 3 iExtract 26 DUO Stand-On Carpet Extractor - 26", Lithium

Item # 1.008-148.0

  • When you need extraction and interim cleaning productivity for large areas of soft floor, this machine is the only answer.
  • Productivity (practical): 14,185 ft2/hr, Interim/restorative: 6,864 ft2/hr
  • Cleaning path: 26"; Solution/Recovery capacity: 25 Gal./28 Gal.
  • Vacuum HP: 2 x 0.75; Water lift: 71.8"; Operating noise level: dBA 69
  • Electrical system 36V: 3 x 12V Lithium; Shelf charger; Minimum turning radius: 2.7'
  • Climbing ability max slope grade: 10%; Transport speed: 4.1 mph
  • Max working speed: 0.5-1.0 mph; Weight with batteries: 825 lbs.
  • 56.1" L x 29.5" W x 50" H
26", Lithium, ea
Alternate #10081480
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DUO cleaning technology provides productive interim and deep extraction cleaning in one machine. Carpets cleaned with interim encapsulating chemical are ready for traffic in approximately 20 minutes. Interim cleaning process extends the time between scheduled deep extractions saving you time and money. EcoMode optimizes productivity by lengthening run times between recharging and refilling. Lithium battery has a very long life, and comes with a 5-year unlimited cycle life warranty. Battery can be opportunity charged without affecting the battery's life.


  • Dual vacuum motors means more dirt and grime are removed from the carpet.
  • Dual floating counter-rotating brushes remove more soil from the carpet in one pass.
  • Simple no tool removal of brushes and vacuum shoes for ease of daily maintenance.
  • Fits easily through a standard door and into any elevator.
  • Auto-adjust dual vac shoes allow for maximum water pickup while still accommodating threshold crossings.
  • Gravity-fed solution system for lower maintenance and operating cost.
  • Hygienic and durable tank-in-tank design.
  • Quiet operation allows for daytime cleaning.