Karcher® Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20 Deluxe Stand On Scrubber w/ORB - 20", 114 AH AGM

Karcher® Chariot™ 2 iScrub 20 Deluxe Stand On Scrubber w/ORB - 20", 114 AH AGM

Item # 1.008-140.0

  • The ultimate solution for top-scrubbing and chemical-free finish removal of floors.
  • Productivity (practical): 18,000 ft2/hr; Cleaning path: 20"; Brushes (disc): 20"
  • Brush motor: 0.33 HP; Brush speed: 180 rpm; Brush pressure: 50 lbs.
  • Solution/Recovery capacity: 10 Gal./10 Gal.; Orbital pad driver
  • Electrical system: 36v 3 x 12V 114 AH AGM; 21A charger; Air flow: 72 cfm; Water lift: 47.3"
  • Operating noise level: dBA 67; Weight without batteries: 250 lbs
  • 42" L x 26.5" W x 50.75" H
20", 114 AH AGM, ea
Alternate #10081400
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It provides green cleaning by using less chemicals, water, energy, and labor as well as best-in-class scrubbing results due to the dual-motion of our ORB technology. This unit generates thousands of contact points to provide the highest level of mechanical action on the market. Features an intuitive control panel and a tight 48" turning radius for easy maneuverability.


  • Its fully accessible hygienic recovery tank with solution dump hose make it easy to clean.
  • Offers quiet operation for daytime cleaning.
  • Float shutoff ball keeps water out of vac motor.
  • Wide open accessibility allows for simple servicing, cleaning of recovery tanks and battery charging.
  • Karcher EASY dial makes training quick and simple, reducing the time spent training operators.
  • Separate pre-programmed top-scrub mode on dial for easy, consistent results. No operator adjustment required, just set it and go. Standard on all non-chemical metering models.
  • The flow meter can sense a change in flow rate from the solution tank and automatically adjusts to maintain dilution ratio.