Advance BU800™ Battery Burnishers

Advance BU800™ 20B Burnisher -20", 200AH, Passive Dust

Advance BU800™ Battery Burnishers

A more rigid frame and nine vibration isolators have turned the operation of the BU800 into the smoothest burnishing experience in the market. With the double-pivot pad-driver design, burnishing pad stays in alignment and allows the pad to follow the floor contours, leaving a more consistent gloss. Combining the pad-driver design with the self-regulating pad pressure, operators have an easy to use burnisher. Self-lowering burnishing deck. Easy to operate control panel and palm switches. Pad changes are easy with the tip back design.

56383510 Advance BU800™ 20B Burnisher -20", 200AH, Passive Dust

56383512 Advance BU800™ 20B Burnisher -20", 234AH AGM,Passive Dust

56383509 Advance BU800™ 20BT Burnisher -20", 200AH, Passive Dust

56383511 Advance BU800™ 20BT Burnisher -20",234AH AGM,Passive Dust